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Audit Website SEO

Audit website SEO is a process of checking the presence of all the necessary keywords on a website, and ensuring that they are placed in the best possible places to rank high in search engine listings. Auditing can be done manually or through tools like SEO SpyGlass and SEO Clarity. However, manual auditing can be time-consuming as it requires reviewing each page of a website individually. The first step to an effective SEO audit is to identify your company’s target keywords. This should be done with care as companies often find themselves spreading their focus too thin by targeting too many different keywords for their services which causes them to rank for none. Choosing one or two main words that represent what your company does best will allow you to monitor your ranking much more effectively than if you have 10 -15 pages indexed on Google for different keywords without ranking highly for any of them. Another way to narrow down your focus is by determining your niche market’s competitiveness and what level of expertise would best serve it (entry, intermediate or advanced). You will want to invest more time into researching higher competition markets so that you can make sure that you are not missing out on any opportunities because you did not know about them in the first place.

Google Search Console

The most popular and reliable SEO tool on the market is the Google Search Console. It provides insight into website data like crawl errors and site stats. Google Search Console is a free service, so why pay for an additional tool. Google Search Console is the most popular and reliable SEO tool on the market today. This free service provides insight into website data like crawl errors and site stats. Google Search Console makes it hard to justify paying for additional tools because of its comprehensiveness, but there are other options available that offer more features if you need competitive seo research and more than just sitemap reporting or keyword research capabilities

One of the most cost-effective SEO tools right now is a Pro tool called Shine Ranker.

Shine Ranker

Shine Ranker is an SEO Pro tool. Shine Ranker analyses the keyword density of your web pages and then recommends the best keywords to use in your web article, meta tags and content. Shine Ranker finds the best keywords for online articles and blogs. Shine Ranker’s algorithms scan through each word on every page on the site and recommend which words are used most often. It then determines which words are not used often enough or too frequently so that it can find balanced keyword density for the site’s content or articles. Once it has found those words, it will suggest them to be inserted into meta tags or article content for search optimisation purposes.

Projects Dashboard

The Projects Dashboard has been adjusted to show the list of your active projects. More updates will be added soon with Better UX and more information to show on your dashboard. The Projects Dashboard shows the list of your active projects. This is where you create your new projects and access all the tools.

Shine Ranker The features SEO Pro Tool


Shine Audit

The Shine Audit allows you to perform an SEO audit on a website. Just simply enter the website link and with a click of a button, Shine Audit will start checking website information and if it has certain parameters. This is best to start and see what is missing on a website. competitive seo research

Content Editor

The Content Editor with Ai generation, allows you to generate content within Shine Ranker. It also provides you with suggested words and headings to use for a better ranking chance for your content. There is a content score based on the average number of words, images, paragraphs and headings needed to rank the highest.

SEO Pro Tool Shine Ranker content editor

Keywords Tracker

The Keywords Tracker Dashboard was recently added to show the list of keywords you want to track and assign to your content writers. This is where all the tracked keywords go after using the Keywords Research feature.

Keywords Research

Keywords Research is a Shine Ranker feature that will check keyword search volume and help you identify monthly searched keywords, average CPC, and difficulty score. Here you can track selected keywords and even track the easy keywords alone.

Keywords Competitor

Keywords Competitor lets you input your URL and your competitor’s URL. This will allow you to look into similar keywords that you rank for. Aside from the keywords, this feature will show you the monthly searches, average CPC, your rank & URL and your competitor rank & URL.

SEO Pro Tool Shine Ranker keywords research

Traffic Checker

The Traffic Checker feature will check URL keywords and rate the score if it passes Shine Rankers Custom Metric. It also shows the number of monthly searches, average CPC, the current rank and the previous rank of the keyword used for a particular URL.

SEO Pro Tool Shine Ranker traffic checker


Tutorial Section

If you get into trouble and are unsure how to use Shine Ranker, there is a tutorial section where it explains how to use each of the features.

SEO Pro Tool Shine Ranker tutorials


What Can You Do With Shine Ranker?

What can you do with the Shine Ranker SEO Pro Tool

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