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Best Editing Software for Videos

Pictory AI Video Editor

Best Editing Software for Videos



Create short videos from long-form content in just minutes with a smart solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Across social media platforms, your long-form content may be turned into interesting, sharable videos using Pictory’s AI-powered conversion tool.

Pictory AI Video Editor

You may scan long videos and extract the important points in a matter of minutes using Pictory’s AI technology.

Choose which of the shorter clips you want to use in your new clips and manually edit the AI results before adding logos, colours, audio, text, and fonts to them.

To fill your social media content schedule, Pictory also offers the option to bulk download the video short as a CSV file or push them to your Hootsuite dashboard.

With Pictory, polishing is simpler and easier than with other editing and splicing applications. Simply submit your video podcast or demo, and the AI will do the rest.

After the software has transcribed the speech in your video, you can choose whether to save or delete the text.

Additionally, by including customised bumpers, intros, outros, subtitles, and more, you can quickly make your video production-ready by automatically removing filler words and other terms.



Since most social media videos are watched muted, adding subtitles may make your content more accessible and raise its SEO position.

But Pictory allows you to automatically add captions or subtitles and swiftly fix mistakes rather than having to sit down and manually type out every word of the conversation.

The captions can be downloaded as text, SRT, or VTT files or burned into the video.

Additionally, Pictory offers videos in more than 20 languages, enabling you to reach people across the world.

Pictory repurpose content for videos

Long-form written information is also converted into short videos using Pictory. Start with a blog post that has already been published, let Pictory’s AI automatically identify the most crucial lines, and then polish the script.

Choose from a collection of more than six million legally obtained stock photos and video clips from Shutterstock to add visuals to your script, or let AI pick the best graphics for you. Additionally, you might post your own.

Your video can include a narrator that fits your topic and appropriate music. There is a range of real voices available, or if you prefer, you may record your own.



Short videos are king when it comes to social media platforms.

Your textual and video material will be more engaging thanks to Pictory’s strong AI, which can condense even the longest pieces of content into fascinating segments.

Bring your social media involvement, productivity, and visibility to the next level with the Best Editing Software for Videos.

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